Head cheese

Nov 10, 2004 at 12:00 am

Joey Shithead’s been around since the primordial punk rock ooze, kicking up activist dust with aplomb as frontman in Canuck tune-and-clank merchants D.O.A. Odds are that one of every three crusty punks drawing a breath has a D.O.A. tat. In fact, it would behoove Green Day, the Offspring and Sum 41 to toss some royalty coin in their direction. Shithead has long been a loudmouth (for which he’s been beaten up and jailed) and at one point he ran for office as a Green Party candidate. What’s not to love? His book, I, Shithead: A Life in Punk is just out. Here Shithead burps up his five monomanias of the moment:

5) Pop: Pretty well any release by Iggy, the king of Detroit and the king of punk.

4) Fahrenheit 9/11: A must-see movie.

3) NHL Hockey: Ooops, I like it a lot, but it just ain’t there. This sucks, I mean how can Chris Chelios have another great battle with Todd Bertuzzi if they have no season?

2) The Prisoner TV series: Featuring Patrick McGoohan (circa 1968, U.K.). Its 17 episodes apply to politics and modern life today. It’s a good snapshot of a completely paranoid society that goes to any length to suppress people and ideas they don’t like.

1) The U.S. electoral process: Here’s an offer to America: We offer you free of charge the use of the Canadian voting process where everybody puts an X on who they’d like to see in office. We count up the X’s on election night and announce the winner later that evening.

D.O.A. appears Monday, Nov. 15, at Alvin’s (5756 Cass, Detroit; 313-831-4577) with the Bump-N-Uglies.

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