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DJ UB likes to bark. Considering his biggest collaborations have been with Woof Pack and P-Dog (the turntable bully), UB might have a canine fetish. His last mixtape, DJ UB Presents the Wolf Pack: Inner City Quotables, highlighted his mixing skills and showcased stellar Detroit rhymesayers Al Nuke, Quest McCody and King Gordy. He’s since done finger work with the Raw Khemystery ladies, and he maintains a weekly residence at Club M&M. He’s also the newest Fat Killah. His latest mixtape, Live From Detroit, drops now. Here are DJ UB’s five micromanias of the week.

5) Gas: I drive an SUV and gas is too damn high.

4) Open Mics: Why do rappers get mad when they can’t perform at an open mic ’cause they show up at 1:30 and the club closes at two? Stupid …

3) New Music: How come when an artist wants a DJ (me) to play their music, they swear it will be the hottest song this side of the Mississippi, and the song sounds like they did it in they momma’s basement with a Casio and a four-track cassette recorder?

2) Why? … is the music biz afraid to put the "D" out there?

1) Radio: Stop letting the radio determine what’s a hot song. Just because it gets played 700 times a day does not make it a good song. I love Frosted Flakes but there is no way in hell I will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and neither would you. Stop being sheep and think. Send comments to [email protected]

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