Head cheese

Gen is the comely blond dom and ringleader of the Genitorturers, the most perverted band in America. If Al Jourgensen ever channeled his former junkie “so what” indifference into a sadomasochistic passion, or if Marilyn Manson were to finally become the fetching blond bombshell he yearns to be, then there might be a challenge to match the Genitorturers’ gothic-industrial metal din and libido-assaulting S&M cabaret. The live show (think an alternate-reality Girls Gone Wild set in a dungeon) can include gnarly genital piercing and bondage, strap-on training and pony boy play. See, for years the Genitorturers have been challenging gape-mouthed audiences to dig deep and exorcise their sexual demons; their shows ain’t about donning Hot Topic handcuff pants. Here Gen discharges her five monomanias of the moment:

5. Halloween: Yes I know Halloween is upon us, but whose bright idea was it to make this vampire thing so cool? I hope our fans have all their shots, because I keep getting bit!

4. I wonder … Do rich people take golden showers too?

3. How much fire is too much fire? Where does Kiss begin and Great White end?

2. Hey! I wanna be on stage! Shave it, baby! If you are going to volunteer to be violated on stage by the Genitorturers ... please do this: Wash that undercarriage, shave everything and please heed your mother’s words and wear clean undies.

1. Where is the nearest Super Walmart? I love the look on the checkout girl’s face when you purchase: enemas, duct tape, Sharpies and Strawberry Quik.

The Genitorturers appear Oct. 30 at Harpo’s (14238 Harper, Detroit; 313-824-1700) with South Gate.

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