Happy Birthday Ted Nugent

There's no way that one of the true kings of Detroit rock'n'roll should go unnoticed on his 63rd birthday. Ted Nugent has done more than his fair share to make sure that music lovers around the globe know that Michigan and Detroit in particular is a rock haven.

Of course Ted has his controversial moments, but that's why people love him. He's highly outspoken about his political views and isn't going to back down from anyone over an argument about hunting or gun ownership laws. When you have your own brand of crossbows, that pretty much says enough.

One can only wonder what crazy items are on Ted's birthday wish list this year. Dinner with his favorite presidential front-runner Rick Perry perhaps?

For all that Ted Nugent is off stage, let us never forget that the man the one of the first true hair rock icons and people wouldn't love him nearly enough if he weren't just as wild and crazy as we expect him to be. Happy 63rd Birthday Ted Nugent! Turn the Nuge up loud today if you're a fan.

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