Ham-town Fever

Mar 1, 2011 at 3:56 pm
Can you smell it? Spring is desperately fighting its way through the snow and the worst of the weather is (hopefully) over. If you need signs, the sunny days are getting longer and, best of all, the Blowout starts tomorrow.

This scribe, just as he has the previous three Blowouts since landing here from the Old Country, feels like a kid on Christmas Eve. The hours seem to be dragging by and I probably won't get much sleep tonight. In the morning I'll wake with a smile, run downstairs in my jammys and, well, I'll go to work, but all day I'll be contemplating the joys that await over the next four evenings.

It will probably be freezing outside, you'd be well advised to wrap up, but who cares? This is the festive season, and only the gnarliest Grinch will worry about small matters like the cold.

The line up, as ever, is spectacular. The old familiars like the Sights and the Cobras sit comfortably alongside the many bands who are not so well known. By the end of this festival, you may well have a new favorite band. That's what this festival is all about. Celebrating local music with friends. Dancing to songs you know and discovering songs that you don't. I can't wait.

It's the Blowout, and THIS is what we do.