Guns N' Roses show at Ford Field, described in GIFs

It was a historic evening at Ford Field last night as Guns N' Roses kicked off their official summer tour featuring most of the band's original lineup. Duff McKagan, Slash, and good ole' Axl Rose were there and sounded better than ever. 
Since this millennial was a wee little one when GnR was in their heyday, seeing them live for the first time was an interesting experience and can only be described through GIFs. 

1. When the band came on stage two minutes BEFORE they were scheduled. 

GnR are notorious for being a tad tardy to their shows. Clearly they aren't here to fuck around. Well played, Axl. Well played. 

2. When Slash came out and you realized he hasn't aged one bit. 

He's a vampire. 

3. And then Axl came out and he, well...

He looks like a lizard. There. I said it. 

4. But after a few songs he started to sound fantastic! 

Simon Cowell approves. 

5. When they played "Welcome to the Jungle" and we realized GnR wasn't here to fuck around. 

This is arena rock at its best. 

6. When Slash played a face-melting guitar solo. 


7. When Axl donned a wide-brim hat and looked like Beyoncé from her Formation music video. 

Slay, Axl. 

8. And most of the band members wore Detroit-themed shirts. 


9. When they played "Sweet Child O' Mine" and flashbacks of Step Brothers came to mind.


10. When the only special effects were loud gunshots that happened way too often. 

I get that they're Guns N' Roses, but anyone else feel it was in poor taste in light of everything going on regarding mass shootings? No...? Just me? K. 

11. When they played "Paradise City" and you now know what Axl means by "where the grass in greener." 

It all makes sense now. 

12. And finally, when Axl changed into a shirt that simply said, "The Bitch is Back." 

Go on with your bad self, Axl. 
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