Dec 21, 2005 at 12:00 am

This remix version of Beck’s Guero tosses a few unexpected curveballs at the obvious similarities. Take Octet’s remix of “Girl.” While the original version is by no means harsh-sounding, Octet’s lilting and reverberated piano line and sparse instrumentation elevates the song to new heights.

And that’s the pleasure of remixes; it’s impossible to expect anything out of a record like this, and therefore near-impossible to be disappointed. But at the same time, there are impressive moments.

Where “Ghettochipp Malfunction” (8-Bit’s remix of “Hell Yes”) works Nintendo Game Boy sounds into a groove, “Shake Shake Tambourine” — by Beastie Boy Adrock — calls to mind the bottom-heavy heyday of Paul’s Boutique.

Guerolito is a prime example of how an established artist like Beck can take chances and still be relevant, successful and even poke fun at himself, more than 10 years after hitting big. The same can’t be said about Britney Spears’ recent flop remix record, B in the Mix, now, can it?

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