Groove With Us (Streaming)

The refrain I've heard repeated most often, so far, this weekend of the 6th DIY Street Fair is something close to

...this is a lot bigger than it used to be...

Things...have gotten a lot bigger, ya know? I'm getting to the point soon (which is Passalacqua, essentially,) but The Do-It-Yourself art and music festival started out as a two-day event, with a modest amount of tents for crafters/vendors inside one parking lot, with only one beer tent and certainly no Ferris Wheel.

But that's like the footprint of enthusiasm...More creative types start leaving their tracks all over town... The festival, like a footprint, each year, impresses it's foot deeper into the community's cultural mud bank, the sole expands, the toes dig in further, it presses in deeper and more people start noticing these tracks... More of the community starts becoming more enthusiastic each year and you find out that you aren't the only Deastro fan or Passalacqua fan or...Flint Eastwood fan. ... And so it expands: More parking lots, more beer tents, more bands.....more bands.

More bands.

But five-six years ago, it wasn't like this...Crowds! Throngs! Different kinds of music from numerous bands and...albeit fostered through dubious, if not effective outlets (like Facebook), a certain kind of bands.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

Passalacqua, it could be (and maybe should be) said, played a prominent role in this new class, this 2nd-wave of post-millennial music a time when newer, weirder rap acts could share bills with "indie" bands that were dabbling with drum machines and samplers... Shows got crazier (in that people started moving with the  music) and the line ups got commingled (in terms of genre, no--nobody cared anymore, no more lines drawn, really).

These two guys, who were friends in Junior High, spent the formative decade of their teens and early 20's apart before crossing each other's paths, again, fatefully, at a show...who formed this "hip-hop-band" with a funky name...who got right up to the edge of the stage (came off the stage, quite often, actually) and in your face and half-politely encouraged (or challenged) you to...get into it, to groove...

Well, if you've got 40 minutes to kill... The Right Brothers (Andrew Miller and Jamin Townsley) directed a short documentary on Passalacqua, interviewing the artists who were there, at their beginnings and, now, continue to collaborate with them...


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