Gold House Launch (Friday, Corktown Studios)

Nov 1, 2012 at 10:17 am
"The Second Transgression"

"Insomnia in Color"

Friday night in Corktown, two music videos will premiere inside Corktown Studios as a means to launch the production work of media artists Kevin Eckert and Natasha Beste. Their house is the Gold House, my freak-art-friends and they're enthusiastically offering a full service video production (post-production, motion graphics, design/consulting).

Beste belts her shaky soul out as lead-singer of post-techno/dance-punk trio Odd Hours - who released a formidable EP (Solar Plexus Power of Babooshka) about six months ago. That gave their talented friends enough time to take those tunes and chop/flip/shift-and-accelerate them into new forms, dancier, darker, er...droney-er... Thus, Jesus Chainsaw Massacre's J.R. has collected these six remixes for a proper cassette release under the Checkers Record Collective label (info).

Here's a track re-imagined by theatric-neo-soul swayed balladeer Tunde Olaniran -

"Insomnia In Color" 

The video-version of this jam will premiere Friday night at Corktown Studios, along with various other Gold House productions, featured costume pieces on display (by Detroit designer Christina Tomlinson). Pupils' bassist Jason Worden will strum some acoustic accouterments before an enticing dance-party sets on, later in the evening, provided by DJ Danton and DJ Eugene.

Another video, this one for an Olaniran jam called "The Second Transgression," will also premier.

“Gold House Launch Party”

Video Premieres/Public Reception

November 2nd, 7pm-Midnight

Corktown Studios

2707 14th St., Detroit, MI 48216

In the meantime...Olaniran's having himself a busy week-/weekend... Esteemed indie-director/documentarian Oren Goldenberg captured the dazzling choreography of the sword-wielding Olanairan's cadre of dancers for this song/music video, "Brown Boy," which dropped just a day ago, online.

...^Melodious pop-choruses sweeten murky hip-hop cadences; minimalist-techno beats bang like the Dickens over low-buzzy bass grooves; your clapping-your-hands-along to it at one point but then banging metal barrels with mallets as things get heavier... This single's up for a free download -here- -a preview of Olaniran's forthcoming EP (The Second Transgression).

More info:

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Tunde Olaniran