Ghostly Reissues Resuscitation; Adult.'s back

Nov 19, 2012 at 12:43 pm

Adult. – Resuscitation Reissue (2xLP) – Ghostly International


This Detroit-based multifaceted art-duo’s dark transfixing deconstructions collected here on this turn-of-the-century singles compilation “turned heads” with more of a quick, kink-inducing snap of the neck; a new kind of edginess for electro-music that would come to influence much of the rhythm-riled computer-pop classes to come.

Their sleek compositions arched with snarling synthesizers and swooned by fuzz-rimmed vocals varying from sing-speak spells to banshee bleats; taut timbres jittering over low growling bass booms altogether striking uncanny atmospheres of pure eeriness, yet enveloped by undeniable grooves and danceable (if furtive) beats. It was a fine re-fresh of the house-music aesthetic, emboldened with embraces of avant-garde arcs of droning distortion. Extended mixes and provocative remixes augment Ghostly International’s special (first-time in vinyl) reissue, four digital bonus tracks round out the 2xLP.

This is welcomed, indeed, and a long-time coming:  considering the album's been out of print (via CD) and hasn't yet been available digitally (or even on vinyl).

Says one-half of Adult. - Adam Lee Miller: "We have some new material in the pipeline, and we thought this would be a nice way to reintroduce ourselves."