Gerard Smith

Meet the man in Bill Grogan's Goat, the Bowzies, and more.

Apr 22, 2014 at 11:59 pm

“I’m currently involved with Bill Grogan’s Goat, the Bowzies (an acoustic Celtic trio), an acoustic duo with Maggie McCabe, and I do lots of solo shows.  I’m also working on an ensemble for my next solo album. It will be a lot more electric compared to the first two. Balance is achieved due to the fact that there is one night a week that fits the schedule for Bill Grogan’s Goat to rehearse, the Bowzies don’t need to rehearse, and solo and duo practice is pretty easy to schedule around the one day the Goat can rehearse.  I’m anticipating some traffic jams next month when I start trying to work on the solo stuff for the new album, though.”