Fuck them so hard for including Prince on that torture list

Dec 17, 2014 at 2:26 pm

I still feel sick to my stomach over all the details of the torture of detainees held by the US since 9/11, and the complicity and active engagement of so many government workers and paid consultants. I'm sure you feel this way, too.

It didn't stop when President Obama went on Colbert last week in order to apologize so deeply and directly to the public for his own complicity in the continuation of torture, and the fact that he never managed to close Guantanamo, or stop drone attacks (sorry, bad joke).

I glanced at the list of songs when it was first released last week, and I chortled a bit at the news item that Skinny Puppy is suing the United States government for this unauthorized broadcast of their material.

But I didn’t realize until today that those evil fucking fucks abused the mighty Prince with their playlist, playing “Raspberry Beret” enough times in a row to cause harm to the prisoners! That's not as bad as "rectal feeding," of course, but man it's pretty bad. "Beret" isn't Prince's best song ever, but it's still great, and one of the top five songs to prominently feature coughing in it.

Here is where I'd normally link to a video of the song in question, but there is very little Prince audio on YouTube; it got yanked due to copyright violations. f you need a sonic salve, to listen to some music that is totally soothing, I suggest the Musik von Harmonia album, in full, here: