Friday night Blowout recap: FUR, Lightning Love, Danny & The Darleans and more

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I kicked off the night with Danny & the Darleans at Skipper’s Bar. They’re worth watching just to see Danny Kroha’s kickass guitar skills. The upper floor of Skipper’s Bar was packed, where there was everyone from high school seniors to retirement candidates. They were one of the best bands I’ve seen all night. This was rock n’ roll done right.


I rushed over to catch the last bit of Skinny Wrist. They played cute pop songs fronted by adorable soul singer and guitarist Dina Bankole (Secret Twins), one of my favorite local female singers. She was backed by a full band, and sporting her trademark Flying V.


Skipper's Bar was still packed when psych-rock trio The Crooks got on stage. Instrumentally, they were amazing. Vocally, they sounded a bit off, which is a rarity. The percussion drowned the guitarists out a bit, but you could blame everything from the acoustics to the sound guy. Regardless, they’re worth checking out again.


It’s not the MT Blowout without Lightning Love, one my long-time favorite local bands, and arguably one of the best pop bands around. They always play a near-perfect set, and singer and keyboardist Leah Diel was witty and charming. They played at Baker's Streetcar, which was absolutely packed. It was near impossible to see the band, a few fans resorted to standing on chairs.


It’s a shame that the audience at Baker's Streetcar shrunk a bit when FUR got on stage at 1:30am, because they killed it. The band was perfectly in-sync. They were accompanied by a projection of gritty images, which made the experience that much more enjoyable. It’s rare when a band sounds just as brilliant live as their physical records. They’re one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a long time. Musically, it’s hard to make the polo-wearing frat guys and the leather-coated hipsters agree on something, but FUR figured it out. Needless to say, it was something to behold.


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