Foxy Shazam - The Church of Rock and Roll (I.R.S. Records)

Why Foxy Shazam is the Queen of my generation

There was only one Queen. With only so many albums recorded before singer Freddie Mercury's death, fans have wanted more Queen for almost 20 years. Foxy Shazam is the Queen of my generation; an American band from Cincinnati, Ohio who charted on the Billboard 200 with "Unstoppable," the first single from their eponymous third album. On the sextet's fourth album, they rely on heavy distortion and Roger Taylor-like drum fills. The entire album flows together like a three-ring circus, showing off all kinds of rock 'n' roll surprise. Flashback to 1975, and imagine spinning this on your turntable. Amazing. 

The album's best song, "Forever Together," shows the soft and personal side of the band's time on the road. It's the perfect Foxy experience. But album closer "Freedom" is Foxy's worst yet. Eric Sean Nally's vocals are shallow, pointless; he wails like the deer you hit with your car last Thursday. The vocals ruin the entire song, tearing apart both the guitar and string parts. Rule No. 1: Don't talk about how great America is in a rock song. Don't be Kid Rock. But the other 10 songs are fab, and show how, with hard work, you really can be heard.

Jarrett Koral is a middle-school student who lives in St. Clair Shores. He turns 14 this month. 

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