Fountain of Youth

Oct 13, 2004 at 12:00 am

While Tommy Rivers has been an Atlanta scene mainstay since the early ’80s when he shared a band with future Georgia Satellite Rick Richards, in terms of national exposure he’s remained doggedly — criminally — under the radar. Since forming the Raw Ramps a couple of years ago, however, his profile has slowly but steadily risen. Fountain Of Youth won’t hurt that profile one bit, thanks to contributions from well-known faces such as Richards and Brendan O’Brien. Aswagger with rooster-haired riffs and glam-encrusted ’tude, it’s as pure a distillation of hard-rockin’ powerpop as anything you’ll encounter this year.

From the Joan Jett-like catscratch stomp of “Ponce de Leon Avenue” and the Replacements-styled melodic chug of “Reason” to the meatily Mott The Hooplian “Overdue” and the Faces/Black Crowes scarf-twirler “It’s All Over,” Rivers doesn’t try to disguise his influences. (Speaking of which: A rousing cover of T. Rex’s “Jupiter Liar” closes the record, sees Rivers nailing Marc Bolan’s whinysexycool vox.) But he doesn’t ape his influences either; to pull this kind of material off convincingly you’ve gotta marinate in it most of your life, something that Rivers has clearly done. This guy loves his rock ’n’ roll

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