For no reason at all, let's listen to "Canada" by the band Low

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I awoke with this song in my head, and it took me half an hour to remember the name of the song. It's not Low's best song by any means, but it is one of their sweetest, relatively fast songs.

The repeated refrain that "you can't take that stuff to Canada" might come from being a touring band, and being told by a customs official that they cannot bring their merch along with them. This reminds me that I've lived here since mid September and I still haven't been to Canada, yet! Maybe I'll go there, sometime.

Speaking of lyrics, and Low, I have enjoyed their song "Starfire" so much that I went to all the trouble of googling it, and discovered that the song, which I'd originally taken to be about some arcane Mormon ritual or something, is in fact about a friend of theirs in Duluth who had a pirate radio station for a while. 

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