Food for Thought

Sep 8, 2004 at 12:00 am

We don’t know what would be more excruciating, eavesdropping in on Barbara Bush masturbating or listening to all 54 minutes of Young Rome’s debut Food For Thought.

Here the B2K road dawg comes off like a 12 year old trying to nab honors at a Snoop Dogg karaoke challenge. “Freaky” is a club song with the worst rhyme ever ever in the history of rap: “Hah chew/I think I’m catching the flew/because you’re sick/chicks get sick when they see my whip.” The hardcore “I Don’t Care” has Lil’ John wannabe written all over it while the “erotic” “In my bedroom” would get Janet Jacme out the mood and leaping from the porn set in seconds. In fact, the rest of the songs are depressingly similar.

Tony Scott and Rufus Blaq’s production is OK, but too many beats sound like Timbaland or Neptunes swipes and others might work for warbling over in the car. Even guest appearances by Marques Houston, Smooth, Omarion and O’Ryan can’t save one of the worst hip-hop CD’s to come out this year, or any year. Food for Thought is the musical equivalent of CheeseWhiz and pork bacon.

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