Flint Eastwood's new music video for 'Push' is a visual masterpiece

Jun 15, 2017 at 4:31 pm

Back when we found out that Flint Eastwood teamed up with Tunde Olaniran for a banging new song, we thought we had died and gone to heaven and life could possibly not get any better. Well, my dear, dear friends — as of today, life has gotten even better. Flint Eastwood released a stunningly beautiful new music video for "Push" and we're kind of freaking out.

Directed and edited by Flint Eastwood, aka Jax Anderson, the video captures those anxieties and fears that Anderson sings in the song. There are stunning shots of Detroit from above, covered with fog and grey skies. Even the shots of Anderson riding an old Ford truck are mesmerizing.

"'Push' is about committing to something 100% and the anxieties that come with jumping in." Anderson told Clash in an interview. "For me, that was committing to all of my dreams and giving up on having a 'Plan B'.”

Flint Eastwood has a pretty big summer planed. She just played Bonnaroo this past weekend for the first time, and other performances at Lollapalooza and opening for indie band PVRIS will keep Anderson and her team pretty busy.