Time traveling on drugs

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FlashClash is all ethereal electro pop, but there are hints of Robbie Williams and Phil Collins clashing, as it were, with MGMT, Animal Collective, and Ace of Bass. We spoke with their ever-flashy frontman, Yorg.   

Metro Times:  This press shot promises spectacle. Do you deliver?
Yorg: The whole point of FlashClash is to bring an interactive and theatrical spectacle to the audience. Every second of our live show has been calculated and choreographed to change the human psyche and bring about a paradigm shift. It's a psychedelic experience from start to finish. There are visuals shooting at the audience from all angles, choreographed lights and black light jungles.

MT: What's the most Fucking Awesome thing about your band?
Yorg: That we are from the year 2987 and we can use the power of the FlashClash to travel through different dimensions. In the future, a small group of exiles known as anthromorphists will develop a technique using analog synthesizers to open wormholes. 

MT: So FlashClash is best listened to while ...
Yorg: Time traveling on drugs.

MT: And if you If you could pick up a third member from the annals of music history, it be ..
Yorg: Brian Eno, because of his abilities to create infinite electronic soundscapes.

MT: People might recognize you from a band of the past, Bump. What sets this new project apart?
Yorg: Bump only flirted with some electronic nuances – FlashClash is high octane, in your face with choirs of outer space vocals and instrumental orgasms!

FlashClash’s record release party coincides with the Fucking Awesome Fest launch party on August 10.The Fucking Awesome Fest is August 10 - 13 at the Majestic Complex and a whole slew of other acts. $30 for a four day pass or $15 per day. More info: majesticdetroit.com.

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