Five questions for Detroit emcee Nametag Alexander

Metro Times caught up with Detroit emcee Nametag Alexander who’s promoting his newest video “La Da Da.” 

1. Tell us about your newest video.
My music to me is organic. I've never felt like I had to force a certain record. It comes off natural and I'm comfortable putting out what I make. Even with the latest single and video, "La Da Da", it has a melody and catchy hook, but it isn't corny...nothing watered down. You listen to lyrics, you still get intricate wordplay and that aggression. That sums up the "TAGLINES" EP that's out now. It actually sums up my whole music catalog.

2. Where did you get your name from?
The internationally Producer-MC known as Black Milk came up with Nametag in like 2000-01. It kind of came out of nowhere. I applied the "Tag" part, as leaving my mark. It's like how a graffiti artist does with tagging, I do with my music. I decided to add my government name, Alexander, as part of my stage name to represent growth— and because I think it looks dope.

3. What do you think makes you different from other emcees out now?
I'm gonna say, just me being regular. You don't really get a gimmick or extra antics with Nametag Alexander as an artist, just good quality, consistent music. I am one of the rare emcees keeping the focus on the music. We get to caught up in social media, and being so updated on the personal life of an artist, we sometimes forget the artist is supposed to provide dope music. It's not many of us emcees out there like that. You can have the biggest social media following, outstanding personality, tons of money, but at the end of the the music dope? Better yet, is it dope and impacting people in the right way?

4. What do you love most of Detroit Hip-Hop?
What I love most about most about Detroit Hip Hop, is that the majority of it is unapologetic, uncompromising. It isn't what you'd call politically correct. What people in the city consider Detroit's more "underground" sound, is actually the sound that's more known internationally. The sound, I love which is unapologetic and uncompromising.

5. What can we expect from you in the future?
I've been creating a lot of songs, a lot. Working on getting more music placed on television, hopefully film and some video games. Me and DJ DDT are always busy coming up with ways to push the Lead And Be Legendary imprint forward. I have projects in the works with Nameless, JR Swiftz from VA, and Timestretch in Cali. Just expect a lot of music, lol. It will not be overload though. I have it all mapped out.

Kahn Santori Davison

Kahn Santori Davison is from Detroit, Michigan. He's a husband and father of four and a self-described, "Kid who loves rap music." He's been featured on Hip-Hop Evolution and Hip-Hop Uncovered. He's also a Cave Canem fellow, author of the poetry book Blaze (Willow Books), a recipient of a 2015 Kresge Literary...
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