Fine Dixieland, Hillbilly, Punk Music

There’s something to be said for truth in advertising. The title of the Doornails’ 5-song EP telegraphs the band’s backwoods punch and those not quick to duck will happily take it on the chin from this giddy four-piece. Lead track “Arkansas Serenade,” all off-key earnest crooning over banjo riffs, charms like a latter-day Dead Milkmen and then is followed with “Grand Am Girl” — which reinforces the impression with a punk’d revisitation of Philly’s finest’s “Punk Rock Girl” and “Bitchin’ Camaro.”

Still listening? You’re probably in your cups and digging the hell out of it. Tuned out? You’ll miss the raucous boys-in-the-polebarn spirit of “Lonely Times,” “Railroad Tracks” and “Summertime in Lewiston,” shit-kicking tales of rural isolation, woe and cicada-buzz giddiness. Not nearly as threatenin’ as the apparently meth’d-out cracker on the cover, the Doornails work the bud ’n’ Budweiser boogie like they got nothing to lose save a hungover Sunday still half-baked on the couch. For more info e-mail [email protected].

Chris Handyside writes about music for the Metro Times. E-Mail [email protected].

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