Filming a painting of a painting of Raps (Doc Waffles / Eddie Logix / Lykke Li / Right Brothers)

Doc Waffles says "It wasn't in the script for Chelsea and I to smooch but we went for it. Isn't that what summer is about, unplanned kisses in astroturf gardens?"

He's the bearded, suited-up chap with the racing gloves manning the PacMan table like some casio-nostalgic Casanova. "Andy (Miller) & Jamin (Townsley -filmmakers behind Right Brothers productions) keep putting more people on to the big $$$ lifestyle." That lifestyle cryptically referred to by the local rapper, Doc Waffles, seen and heard here collaborating with producer/rapper Eddie Logix for a single from the latest Logix-lead "quasi-compilation" showcasing a range of local hip hop artists, is part of the "#CoOwnaz" ethos that they've promulgated these past few years.

Doc calls the Right Brothers "Righteous ambassadors," and goes on to clarify, if possible, at all, the #CoOwnaz thing. "People always ask who is "in" #CoOwnaz but its not like we have a set roster or initiation, its more like a gang where the more you do the higher you move up in the ranks."

"I hope I'm not being immodest when I say it has been a summer of triumphs for #CoOwnaz. Not without struggle mind you. Nevertheless we've been able to get out and embellish our freaky scene."

Let's get to the video (inspired by a track re-worked and experimented upon by Logix in his Viper Room studio). From the Right Brothers -who brought you the Passalacqua Documentary last Spring - a new cinematic treatment for a terrific new rap single from the agile wordsmith Doc Waffles and the Lykke-Li-leaning beat-producer Eddie Logix.

The Big Money candle provides the offsetting spark - while Lykke Li provides the bedrock upon which Logix rearranged this cat fancying cut. 


Doc Waffles' Mr. What Practice Makes (his fourth album in less than 40 months) will be out by the end of this year. SelfSays, another notable in the #CoOwnaz "roster" will also have new works ready before the last leaves of autumn descend...But more on that in a later post.

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