Fast & furious

Mar 8, 2000 at 12:00 am
How many musicians does it take to make 11 songs worth of thrash-happy, head-snappy, party-on-Garth rock ‘n’ roll? Answer: Two. No joke – SWiG’s big sound consists of one vocalist (David Bierman) and one guitarist-bassist-drummer-producer (Glynn Scanlan).

Scanlan lays down the ever-so-lively rhythm and riffs, giving each track its own personality (here some surf-rock twang, there some buzzy bass or squealing feedback). Bierman’s vocals range from a raspy whisper to a broken scream. He scats wildly on one track ("Bullet") and whines, growls, whoops and howls his way through the rest, making sure his hard-working bandmate doesn’t grab all the glory. Somebody buy this guy a bag of Ricola!

Ten original songs (plus a Todd Rundgren cover, "Out of Control") follow the punk-rock anthem stylebook – fast tempo, catchy refrain, "life sucks" lyrics – but there’s a certain rock-star swagger and style that is all ‘70s raw power.