Fake Surfers / Dread Wings

Jul 24, 2012 at 11:12 am

Latest punk rattlings:

Fake Surfers are a new-ish local duo busting out bare-bones roars bellicosity on their debut cassette (on Flesh Wave).

Feedback is fierce and the drums' denting, all jitter-juke ricochets, end over end in a napalm-wreathed tumble-drier heating up loads of singed denim; the riffs chug-along, relentless and aerobic, up the stairs then sliding down banisters, then back up again and somersaulting with the drums chopping and rolling through storms of cymbal shears and kick stomps; six songs, in-and-out in ten minutes or so...

Fast riffs. Sharp angels. Speak-sing-spit and one-two-uppercuts.

But it's not all chaos. "Plaything" coaxes along with a twangier guitar through its slaloming verses, the feedback pared back a bit for a bit of an anti-folk balladry. Of course, after the second or third chorus the fuzz flares up again and the drums start tumbling and the chaos-factor increases, but that's the nature of the beast.

You can find their tapes at Found Sound in Ferndale, a joint that just opened up over the weekend with said-Surfers performing in-store on it's first day, back by the eclectic VHS/DVD shelving.

You can see them again on August 22nd at the Painted Lady. More info


While you're here, give a listen to Dread Wings, another band from that same "first" Found Sound performance.

Dread Wings.

This band's set (at the store) opened up on the punk-side of things, a fibrous, fast thing, wiry and whipped up; but clouds parted here and there to augment their more psychedelic-leanings. But listen to "Monsters in the CIA" and you'll have difficulty pinning this band down - a strange and spooky opus elusively shredding through three or four different movements spanning a grunge-y punk-blues ballad, to a nightmare-ish pedal-morphed atmospheric drifter, to a revved up psychobilly-surged getaway chase.

More info.