Everyone I Know

Ten months ago, 18 bands crammed into the Lager House, setting up and playing in front of a handful of cameras to film an ambitious, epic concert-documentary, somewhat in homage to -- and as a Next-Generation update to -- the cult classic new wave-capturing film URGH! A Music War -

You can read a re-cap here.

Now, as could be expected ... yes, it was exhilarating and inspiring and everyone really poured their hearts out. But, also, as could be expected, it was an unwieldy tanker full of footage, tedious to edit and tie together. Thus, over the winter, local filmmaker Brandon Walley and his production crew decided to revise the scope of the project. Drop the whole URGH thing and don't stay married to the idea of having the entire film be set inside the Lager House for that one blurring night...

Spread it across the city - Capture as much of the indie/underground rock/rap/electro scene as you possibly can...

I was always drawn to the dry wit of Lightning Love's song "Everyone I Know..." -whenever I felt myself getting grandiose on morning's-after's -after big shows, inspiring nights, after listening to great local albums - everytime I started drifting towards those: What does all this mean? -type questions? Like, what's this scene building towards??  There was Lightning Love's simple piano/guitar-drum-kicked indie-pop ditty, embracing what the squares and the  mainstreamers probably see the underground as -a haven of nihilistic, apathetic slackers who are just making noise for each other...

Or maybe this all means something more... Thus, caught inside the frame of this new, forthcoming Rock-Doc, no longer titled URGH, but, now, titled Everyone I Know, we might be able to come to some solid answer.

The trailer for the film - featuring live performances from 30 different bands and a handful of different local concerts and local music festivals, will premiere Thursday, April 19, at PJ's Lager House - part of Corktown Cinema's "Purple Rain" party.

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