Erin go drink up, Johnny!

Mar 12, 2003 at 12:00 am
Dead nuts in the middle of Corktown, the Lager House has perfected the marriage of old meets new. Even through its exodus from local lunchtime watering hole to rock 'n' roller's safe haven, the Lager has maintained it's homespun charm. Cozy and inviting, it is still one of the best joints to guzzle Guinness on a crowded St. Patrick's parade day and is one of the few independent music venues not in the clutches of the Clear Channel PR machine. This little-bar-that-could proudly plays host to the ever-popular Monday dollar drink night and a never-ending turnstile of burgeoning rock acts. Get there early for parade day (Sunday, March 16) and of course, be there on the 17th for lucky St. Pat's Festivities: authentic Irish food and music from Death by Accordion.

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