Empty Orchestra - One More Time, Altogether Now (vinyl)

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"The audience gets what the audience wants.... ...the monster inside us..."

Those raspy booming vocals heave over hammering drums, nervy organs and rattling bass grooves as Empty Orchestra, a Flint-born collective of alt-country-reverent rockers, strikes an enticing yet dark vibe for their wicked, waving ballad musing on the "love/hate relationship between audience and performer..."

Just a few days ago, these Michiganders met the challenge of covering a song by one of their key influences (seminal 90's indie-Americana-artists Uncle Tupelo) for a tribute compilation titled We're All Criminals Here. More importantly, even, is that the twang-tweaking regal-rock traditionalists got to put their most recent album One More Time, Altogether Now, -out on vinyl, via Pentimento Music Co.

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... Filmed and set in the historic Capitol Theatre in the band's hometown.

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