The tour that Eminem told us may or may not happen this year has yet to materialize. That doesn't mean that one of Detroit's favorite sons isn't staying in the modern cultural spotlight. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Mariah Carey's new single and video, "Obsessed" is perhaps a response to Slim Shady, who may or may not have had a relationship with the singing dolphin...er, Mariah somewhere along the line and who addressed her and hubby Nick Cannon in the song "Bagpipes From Baghdad" on his recent Relapse LP, still the biggest-selling album of this year. Carey has yet to say if it is or isn't, although video director Brett Ratner insisted to MTV that the video at least isn't about Eminem (yeah, right, dude...).

The video portrays Mariah being stalked by a, um, stalker who is portrayed by Carey herself and who -- despite the fact that he has a beard -- often wears an Eminem-like hoodie. (Never mind that Mariah probably hasn't walked the streets of NYC alone in years; the video portrays her as doing just that.) The video ends with the stalker being hit by a city bus right in front of her eyes. "Cosmic justice via four-minute music video? Or star-on-star hissy fit?" asks EW. "You decide, viewers." Whatever the case, we haven't heard the end of this celebrity feud yet. You can observe the video by clicking here. That is, if you have almost five minutes to spare. We'd post it below...but the song is kinda lame -- almost as lame as the title of Ms. Carey's upcoming LP, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Yeah, you can't make this kind of shit up!

In better, more enlightened pop culture news, Eminem makes a cameo in the new Judd Apatow movie, Funny People, starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, which debuts this Friday. It's the film that Em mentioned in our interview, which we mistakenly believed was going to be a Disney film after Mr. Mathers sarcastically claimed that during a radio interview. Rolling Stone calls the Em cameo (looks like he plays himself) "killer," as the rap star tells the Adam Sandler character, an Adam Sandler-like star named George, that "he'd be better off dead than making more stupid movies."

Apatow told MTV that "[Eminem] was a fantastic actor, and the best moments ever in my career were pitching him new jokes to say and making him laugh really hard...He came early and well-prepared. I think he felt like, 'I'm entering a world of comedy here. I got to be on my game.' He was really funny, willing to say anything. I thought if I pitched him certain jokes, he'd say, 'No, no that's too far.' [But] apparently, you can't shock Eminem with anything you have to say. To make him laugh super hard was really, really fun, and he's great in the movie."

Sandler added that the superstar didn't show up with an entourage and was "very loose" the entire time.

Advance reviews of the flick make it sound pretty damn terrific, by the way.

Eminem with Adam Sandler in Funny People...

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