Don’t sleep on the surprise drop by Detroit rapper Zelooperz

Plus: DJ Rick Wilhite celebrates ‘Vibes’ with Spot Lite party

click to enlarge The cover of Microphone Fiend by Zelooperz. - Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
The cover of Microphone Fiend by Zelooperz.

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Zelooperz drops surprise album: Bruiser Brigade affiliate Zelooperz has only ever been in his own lane, with a penchant for psychedelic production and seemingly off-the-dome rhymes. So, it comes as no surprise that he would drop a surprise album, with the release of Microphone Fiend a couple weeks back. Z posted the album with little lead-up and fanfare, but the album contains as much artistic singularity as he’s ever shown. With most tracks clocking in under two or three minutes, you can definitely hear the influence of the new-ish DIY wave of rappers like Pink Siifu and MIKE, who opt for pointed lyrics and don’t lean on hooks in their songs. Keep an eye out for a tour announcement from Zelooperz for this summer — his frenetic and dynamic live sets are not to be missed. You can find Microphone Fiend on major streaming platforms, or purchase it directly from Z’s Bandcamp page. —Joe

“The Godson” brings the vibes: Rick Wilhite is resurrecting his storied compilation series Vibes with a new release out this month containing a smorgasbord of artists from across the techno, house, and R&B spectrum. The new entry is titled Vibes New & Rare Music: Unreleased 2020-2022 Part 1 and is being released on Moodymann’s Mahogani Music label. To accompany the album’s release, Wilhite and friends are throwing a party at Spot Lite featuring its key contributors. With a line up nearly as long as the album's title, you’ll hear DJ sets from longtime luminaries like Malik Alston and Delano Smith alongside the new wave like Salar Ansari and Kyle Hall. It all goes down this Friday, April 14, with pre-sale tickets available on Resident Advisor. If home listening is more your thing, Vibes New & Rare Music: Unreleased 2020-2022 Part 1 is available for purchase via Mahogani Music or whenever great house and techno records are sold. —Joe

click to enlarge Rick “The Godson” Wilhite. - Nikita Klyukvin / Red Bull Content Pool
Nikita Klyukvin / Red Bull Content Pool
Rick “The Godson” Wilhite.

A solar-powered set for Earth Day: As a music aficionado (more enthusiastic than knowledgeable) that also daylights as an environmentalist, I often have a hard time reckoning with the amount of resources that it takes to throw live music shows. The amount of waste that is produced is astounding, the modern excesses are a part of the appeal, and you said it takes how much energy to power those lights and speakers? Well, if you’re like me, then you’ll love Solar Party Detroit, an organization that brings portable solar power to charge up gatherings around the city. For this year’s iteration of their Off Grid series, SPD will have the one and only Father Dukes streaming live for an Earth Day DJ set on April 22. While this is a virtual event, consider it an opportunity to beam our Father’s sacred tunes right to your doorstep or backyard barbecue, with only a fraction of the existential guilt! RSVP via Eventbrite for more information when the time is right. —Broccoli

Theo Katzman hits Saint Andrew’s Hall: You may know Theo Katzman from Vulfpeck, the band that formed in Ann Arbor around 2011, put out an album of total silence, and subsequently took the world by storm (if you haven’t, check out their live video from Madison Square Garden, it’s astoundingly good). An incredible musician in his own right, Katzman just released a new album titled Be the Wheel, and he’s taking it on a worldwide tour as we speak. The project is emotionally moving and technically impressive, with Katzman’s creative and hilarious lyricism and incredible singing voice taking center stage. If you’re into funky, silly, powerful music made by a University of Michigan jazz student-turned-international music sensation, the show at Saint Andrew’s Hall on May 6 is a must. Get your tickets via Live Nation, and as he says on the opening track of the record, “Don’t be the horse and buggy / be the wheel.” —Broccoli

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