Don't Forget: Sonic Lullaby (Tonight)

Fine upstanding musicians making fluid, detached music, ohm-drones in the Berkley Front, extreme ambient swells of tones and rhythmic trundles, a j-o-l-t- that slowly sets on...

We've got hip-hop showcases and even psyche-rock festivals, we've got DJ-nights and we've got indie-rockers doing benefit shows together; we've even got the Blues Fest. But what about the locals who grew up on the Silver Apples, Can, Bauhaus, Eno-even, maybe My Bloody Valentine too...the locals who bought records from the inimitable Windy & Carl and preferred THTX over Outrageous Cherry, the locals who dug Fuxa and His Name Is Alive. You  know, the ambient-addicts!

Local experimental musician Paul MacLeod (part of Sea Turtle Recreation Project) is handing over the reigns of Sonic Lullaby, -probably our area's premier Ambient/Shoegaze/Space Rock showcase, to current curators Jason Worden and Frank Lee (of Pupils). Worden and MacLeod had this other dreamy-droney drum-thumping group called Indian Guides -which subsequently lead into the founding of Sonic Lullaby Records. Head to Berkley tonight and pick their brains about it.

It's tonight. At the Berkley Front. Featuring:

Man Mountain

Black Seal

Sea Turtle Restoration Project

Life Size Sharks Killer Creatures Reptile

Mathue Read 

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