Don Luciano's Place

Just a 20-minute drive from the bridge, Don Luciano’s patio is on the river, a stone’s throw from Bob-Lo Island. No canned music, no umbrella drinks, just serenity and local wines. Don or Luciano (the partners) may emerge and share a tumbler with you. Nothing here feels mass-produced. You can sense the touch of an individual human being — that’s Luciano — in the kitchen. After complimentary bruschetta, try succulent grilled quail, juicy trout, or house-made sausage. Finish with dense, tart orange cheesecake with chocolate sauce. A perfect summer evening out.

Jane Slaughter dines for Metro Times. Send comments to [email protected].

Jane Slaughter

Jane Slaughter is a former editor of Labor Notes and co-author of Secrets of a Successful Organizer. Her writing has also appeared in The Nation, The Progressive, Monthly Review, and In These Times.
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