Doc Illingsworth: Coffee King


So there's your first sip...

Doc Illingsworth, a witty wordsmith of a rapper, a DIY cartoonist, lo-fi electro/ambient/instrumental whiz, and regular youtube poster... has more surreal montages for you.

Essentially operating in the realms of leftfield hip-hop and outre-electronica, Doc spills samples of rounding baroque style Spanish guitars splashing into 8-bit pacman explosions, mangled soul ballads and warm pianos splattered with gurgling synths, and a few lyrical tracks where his steady cadence goes from self-deprecating to social satire, from silly to serious, on the turn of a dime. "Feel like Pachabel...working at a Taco off Red Bull and Pasta shells..." This is the guy who makes Homer Simpson into a verb, shouts out to his contemporaries and criticizes fast food culture all in under two minutes.

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