DJ's dream

Mar 13, 2001 at 12:00 am

Best Used Record Store, Best New Vinyl Selection
Record Time

Well, Record Time isn’t exactly a used record store entirely, but they do have a great used section. It’s very manageable, not overwhelming like many stores that specialize in used material. And you always spot that record you just can’t … possibly … live … another … day … without. The store also was voted as having the best new vinyl selection. This really was no contest. The payroll sheets at each location read like a who’s who in all varieties of Detroit electronic music. With so many DJs and sample-collectors on staff, how could the stores not be well-stocked with the best vinyl that’s out there? Record Time is really feeding an addiction with its amazing collection of cheap, used goods. While most vices might lead you to the bar or casino, nearly every payday I find myself heading to the closest Record Time on the way home from work. Where’s my support group?