Distort everything

Bad Party brings on the sound of Detroit, literally

Bad Party plays the Blowout on Friday at 10:20 p.m. at the Polish National Alliance Hall with the Blackman, Esquire, Duane the Teenage Weirdo and Kenny Tudrick.


Bad Party has been compared to everyone from Suicide to Skinny Puppy — but really nobody has ever sounded like Bad Party. Christ, from one show to the next, Bad Party doesn't really sound like Bad Party. You can be sure that the band will be noisy and angry, plus they now have MT scribe Kent Alexander on guitar. We asked Nate Czarling what they'll be bringing to the Blowout.


Metro Times: Describe the Bad Party sound?

Nate Czarling: People always ask me to do that. I've never based it on anything other than sounds in my head. I've never tried to base it on other bands or anything like that. Some people have pointed out that I sound a little like other bands but it's never intentional at all. I don't know — it's just what I think Detroit sounds like, or at least it's what Detroit sounds like to me. The destruction. Everything's distorted.


MT: You definitely sound pissed off ...

Czarling: A lot of that is me being pissed off at the sound guys because they're fucking idiots. Sound guys that are fucking assholes have definitely made it sound angrier because, a lot of the time, instead of me doing the sound that I want, I get angry at the sound guys because they're cunts.

Seriously, that's what happens. A lot of the distortion stuff I do, the sound guys get really scared of it or something. That's why they keep it really quiet, and then I get really pissed. There are elements of anger to the music too, I'm angry about stuff like the way the government's going or the world's going or the city's going, or girls. I'm kinda angry, but bad guys have definitely enhanced the anger part of it.


MT: Here is a question from fellow Blowout act Katie Grace — what is the worst party you've ever been to?

Czarling: I went to a party where I saw a stripper having sex with a donkey. I was at a party in high school where a friend of mine got shot in the face. That might be the worst party. I was at another party where another friend got stabbed in the stomach, and I had to help him put his intestines back in and take him to the hospital. That's nothing to do with the band. That's not what bad party meant though. Bad Party was a slang term for cocaine. It was just a joke name. It definitely had no connotation to a Dead Milkmen song.


MT: What are your finest Blowout memories from down the years?

Czarling: I went to the first one and played the second one. The first one I played, me and my friends went to see Eminem, which I thought was two black kids called Em and Em. I walked in where he was playing and thought, "Oh shit, some shitty white kid rapper." I walked outside. Then he came outside and I was smoking a jazz cigarette, and he spent about five minutes trying to get me to let him hit it. I said, "I don't know, dude," and put it out and put it in my pocket. Finally he gave up and went back inside.


MT: What can we expect from your set this year?

Czarling: You can expect something different because I've got a new guitar player. Expect some loud dance beats and maybe violence.


MT: What's next for Bad Party after the Blowout?

Czarling: I don't know. I've got a new project called Sxual Prdator. I thought that was a little funny. Hopefully we'll do a tour. We'll see. Money is always the problem. Maybe we'll put another 7-inch. I've always been cursed putting things out.


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