Devotion to expression

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There really is a middle ground between hardcore and emo-pop! Case in point: Ann Arbor trio Lovesick. Not as aggressive as some of the west side’s DIY culture and a helluvalot more articulate, Lovesick is a band of 20-somethings who are bent on staking a poetic claim on both their own identity and the love of the people around them, and they hold nothing back in the full-throated, full-throttle telling of their hearts’ tale.

Drummer-singer Fred Thomas and bassist-singer Nikkie Margosian craft an economical musical and lyrical language of confession and homemade, intimate rock for the masses. That is, their hearts are on their sleeves, their pantlegs, their chest and in their hair.

"How many boyfriends promise ballroom-dancing lessons, waltzing on the wires of thoughtless, timeless intentions? And we have had cameras for voices, where should be choices we have had character sketches." That, from Lovesick’s "Millimeters," gets close to the core of it.

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