'Detroit Rocks!' needs co-publishers, maybe you

Oct 26, 2010 at 12:54 pm

A book capturing a pivotal decade of Detroit rock by Gary Grimshaw (one of the Pied Piper poster artists who brought everyone to the scene) and Leni Sinclair (the photographer who captured so many of the definitive moments when everyone arrived) would seem a natural. So much so that they got tired of people asking when they'd do a book — and decided the time was now.  They even persevered when they were unable to find a publisher to back them.

That hasn't been the only problem for Detroit Rocks!. Grimshaw has faced major health challenges, spending the last eight months in a VA hospital. Writes Sinclair in recent letter:

The good news is that Gary's life force is very strong, and he's making slow, but steady progress towards being himself again.

These challenges add urgency to our quest to finish this book as soon as possible. We have gathered all the images, and Gary had started doing the layout, and he will continue overseeing the layout till it's finished.

The plan is to gather "co-publishers" who, for $100, will receive a signed and numbered, hard-cover first edition, which will list donor-purchasers as co-publishers. Sinclair and Grimshaw have about 75 so far, and need about 25 more to cover printing costs. (Since the book is being published through the 501(c)3 nonprofit Detroit Artists Workshop, donations will be tax deductible "depending on your level of giving.")

After the first run, they'd like to find a commercial publisher for a larger run of a less expensive paperback edition.

You can become a co-publisher by sending a check or money order (with Detroit Rocks! on the memo line) to Detroit Artists Workshop, P.O. Box 341099, Detroit, MI 48234. You can also go to detroitartistsworkshop.com and clicking on the Detroit Rocks! icon.

The books is to include photos of such subjects as the aforementioned Artists Workshop, the Grande Ballroom, the MC-5, the Detroit riot and the Belle Isle love-in, Iggy, Seger and more. Grimshaw's contributions will include not just posters and LP covers, but flyers, book and magazine covers, bumper stickers and business cards. Yes, business cards. Who knew?