Detroit rapper releases new video about Michigan winters – and we can all relate

Feb 14, 2019 at 10:48 am
We all gettin' tired of this fuckin' snow... - G'Mac Cash via Facebook
G'Mac Cash via Facebook
We all gettin' tired of this fuckin' snow...

In metro Detroit, we had a mild December, a cold-ass January, and now we're dealing with the soul-crippling bullshit that is February snow.

Detroit's G'Mac Cash, the self-proclaimed "King of Parody Rap," can definitely relate.

In a new one-minute viral video entitled "Tired of the Snow," G'Mac Cash spits bars over a trap beat in a way that will make you feel both seen and heard.

"Man I'm gettin' tired of gettin' my feet wet (bitch)/Open the car door and my seat wet"

We feel you, G'Mac, we feel you.

G'Mac Cash continues to drop one-liner rhymes, covering topics like dead-end jobs that aren't worth the drive through 10 inches of snow, and the fact that these damn kids haven't had to go to school in who even remembers how long.

We'll admit we're tired. We're so tired of Michigan winters, but at least G'Mac Cash lets us laugh about it.

You can watch the video below, and see more parody rap videos from G'Mac Cash by heading to his YouTube channel.

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