Detroit rapper NOLAN fka explores love and loss on latest LP

Plus: Don’t sleep on Movement after-parties

Mar 14, 2023 at 6:00 am
click to enlarge NOLAN fka. - Sidd Finch
Sidd Finch
NOLAN fka.

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NOLAN fka wrestles with intimacy on new LP: Following up on his single “HOUNDSTOOTH” from late last year, which featured ruminations on the storied pattern and the women that wear it best, NOLAN fka continues his crusade into the world of love and loss with Don’t Get Too Excited, his latest LP that was released late last month. In its review for the track “ILY,” Pitchfork writes that it’s “like a steamy, late-night phone call out of Spike Lee’s Girl 6, all body rubs and feeding each other fruit while laid out on the beach.” NOLAN’s longtime affinity for lo-fi beats and detailed lyricism has found a new set of subjects and feelings to explore, and his ability to address these complex topics with both assertive conviction and refreshing vulnerability seems to have hit the sweet spot. Whether you’re looking to set the vibe at a casual function or setting the mood with a significant other, Don’t Get Too Excited might be your answer to both. —Broccoli

Chasey the Illest takes a leap of faith: Releasing music can be nerve-racking, as just about any musician will tell you. Even after getting things down on paper, the seemingly endless cycle of creation and revision is enough to leave many projects in the dark, never to see the light of day. Chasey the Illest certainly knows the feeling, and his newest EP Afraid of Heights seems to address that dynamic in both abstract and concrete ways. Featuring original production from Heaven Sin’t and Cyht, the EP is Chasey’s first proper release in quite some time, and marks a departure from his streak of releasing singles and snippets over the past few years. In some ways, the project serves as a statement of courage for an artist that shows promise as a break from Detroit rap’s modern reputation for trap-beats and inflated bravado. Conscious-rap may not be what tops the charts these days, but Afraid of Heights is a small reminder that the music is still alive. —Broccoli

The best Movement after-parties are already selling out: Although Memorial Day weekend may seem far off now, many of the standard afterparties and day-parties start releasing tickets as soon as Movement Music Festival announces its official lineup. Within 24 hours, the first couple of pricing tiers typically get bought up, so we recommend you buy now if you’re interested in exploring all that the city has to offer. Pro tip: if your plans change later, demand for these tickets is always high and you will most likely be able to find an eager buyer. The most anticipated party of the weekend is always the Interdimensional Transmissions “Return to the Source” mega-party, a three-day festival of its own, at Tangent Gallery. Expect rare sets from international cult figures like DJ Nobu and Wata Igarashi, past Movement favorites such as Eris Drew and DJ Stingray 313, and regular Detroit faves BMG, Erika, Mike Servito, Derek Plaslaiko, and Scott Zacaharias. The Texture team and Marble Bar hosts their annual party all-night on Saturday with Ben UFO, a sunrise set from Octo Octa, and a noisy set from Giant Swan to keep you alert. Club Toilet is the spot for LGBTQ-centric dance music (tickets at the door only), Deep Detroit is for the house heads from longtime host Kai Alcé featuring Ash Lauryn and Delano Smith, and the Moods collective’s barbecue is my pick for a nice soft start to your weekend on Friday during the day (with sets from Tammy Lakkis, Whodat, Psy-chick, and more). All events I mentioned have tickets available via Resident Advisor. —Joe

St. Patrick’s Day? Try St. Piggy’s Day: DJ Psycho (aka Piggy McTiggers) is the alias of longtime crate digger-hip-hop head-turntablist-your favorite DJ’s DJ Dezi Magby. With encyclopedic knowledge of music and one of the deepest vinyl collections in the city, he’s taking over Spot Lite this Friday, March 17, for the newly-christened St. Piggy’s Day. Take a break from binge-drinking Guiness (gross) and check out the most non-Irish St. Paddy’s party. Dezi’s mixes span all genres and all tempos, with a central theme of “music you like.” Also featuring live art by Zrek, tix available on Resident Advisor.Joe

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