Destroy This Snow... with a hard-rock show: Thursday

We are no longer groovy. No longer zen about all this. We are pissed... Winter's been going on TOO damn long, here in Michigan.

There's a time for pop-music and for soothing soul and there's a time for sugary synth-rock... There's a time for rap, too - be it chill or be it slamming.

It seems, though, as another snow storm dumps down on us, with our wills just about broken, we need something like a fist through lumber, like a tantrumy marble-chipping boot to the sink of the shitty-smelling bathroom after you've spat a tooth down the drain , or just something that embodies that swirling tornado inside a 20-oz bottle you dorkily constructed for your 4th grade science fair. Something fast, volatile, something that exerts, gets it out, pops a zit, and rids us of the frustrations of a relentless fucking winter.

That's the idea -with this line-up. The guitars are insistent, the bass is aiming below the belt, the vocals curl along to a melody (mostly) and are kicked along by a frieight-train's tempo from the drums... Characteristic to most of these scientists of shred...each concocting their own unique mixture...

This pressure-released session is led by Canada's Single Mothers, and bolstered with the local boys: Destroy This Place, Touch and Clevinger (...the first of that list being made up of former members of Thunderbirds Are Now and New Grenada, the second in that list probably can boast the fastest, freakiest of presentations and the final of that list purports to be " a white-collar Village People."  That's pretty enticing right? But, we're not encouraging you to actually "destroy" the "place..." Make sure to have some fun, too.

Get your last-straw-snow ya ya's out...

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