May 14, 2008 at 6:32 pm

This week's lead music feature dude Deastro is actually playing a show in Detroit this week -- Friday, May 16th, to be exact -- at C.A.I.D. (5141 Rosa Parks Blvd.) as part of one of the Art Fag, Inc. celebrations. Our friends over at MotorCityRocks posted earlier today that we "neglected" to note this on the story tagline, as though it was some sort of conspiracy on our part.

The whole truth here is that Jay (better known as JRC and part of the Art Fag crew) posted late in the day on Monday at his fivethreedialtone website that "This week seems pretty empty. It will be known as “Waiting for Art F*g Inc. Week.'” Deastro is coming to play in the middle of the night following Javelins and The Pop Project throwing down at Alvin’s for month #2 of the Suburban Sprawl Summer Showcase of Awesome." Nice little self-promotion there...but it didn't offer a whole lot of basic journalistic info as in "where" and "when."

As of Monday afternoon, the show was not posted on Deastro's own MySpace page. So I e-mailed Jay Monday afternoon, immediately after reading his item, asking: "Hey Jay -- Where and when exactly is Deastro playing this week? I see nothing other than a May 4th gig at Alvin's on his MySpace page." Monday was deadline day. I kept checking my e-mail until the midnight cutoff point for a response from Jay. As of today, right this moment, I'm still waiting...

The show was "officially" announced today on the fivethreedialtone site, as well as on Deastro's MySpace page. So we're following suit and informing y'all as well. You can catch Deastro this Friday night at C.A.I.D....or you can catch him next weekend at the Crofoot...and I'm sure there'll be plenty more opportunity to catch the dude all summer long. No neglect or "conspiracy" intended (just as there wasn't when another blogger posted earlier this year that we'd refused to give him comps to the Blowout fest...when the simple total truth was: He never asked...)