Dead Letter Office Showcase -11.30.13

Nov 26, 2013 at 9:58 am
Local music label Dead Letter Office was meant to be a house for the underdogs, the overlooked, the musical mail that was never delivered... Instead of returning these songs to their senders, Brandon Frye and Kyle McBee built a label to be somewhat of a lost and found for local songwriter's experimental, more intimate, or heavily acoustic fare that may or may not have ever worked in more formal formats, like, say, a rock band.

McBee is departing soon for Berkley CA and the pair are currently planning their next move.

But you can still come pick their brains about music while also enjoying live recitals from a wide range of styled performers - post-punk, electro, bluesy-folk, Americana, ambient/dream-pop-psych...oh we could go on... It's a fine showcase, but also a fine opportunity to start up a dialogue; whether you're in a band, or whether you're thinking of starting your own label, or whether you're just a music fan who's curious, come muse with Frye on the madness and freedom, pitfalls and exciting potentials, of trying to release, distribute and develop one's own music in a post-Internet-era.


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Featured sounds: