Dead Fish Eyes

Mar 19, 2012 at 9:27 pm

Two of Detroit's more eclectic rap outfits, the duo behind Passalacqua, and the erudite/esoteric Emcee -Doc Waffles got together to let off some steam and spit back against the near-narcosis bug-eye stares they see dotting the faces of various rat race bustlers, cafe cruisers or back-of-the-venue posture punks.

Watch: Passalacqua - "Dead Fish Eyes" (w/Doc Waffles)


Opening with this jarring stop-start flute hook and segmented beats, the song practically pinches your ear lobe and pulls a bit, only to snap you back down - like jump-roping only two or three rotations and stopping. Listen up! The song certainly has a playfulness to it, as we follow this cartoon-ish cardboard-cut-out fish maksed character and glimpse the charmingly hammy Waffles during bath-time.

"Why you lookin at me??"

That piano sample's bouyancy, the flute's fluttering, the simple steady beat - and then there's the Passalacqua rappers getting the opportunity to match the surrealist aesthetic of Waffles, splattering images of kale-caught in crooked teeth, hamburgers and cheese flipped across the Secretary of State's office, and, zestiest of all - drug-laced breakfast pastries.  "...exploding cinnamon filled bullets...?" And even a reference to the French Revolution before admitting to impressive golf handicaps, whoa...wait...what?

This song is part of a split 7" with House Phone (on New Fortune Records), the latter featuring a song called "Crayons" on the flipside.

House Phone plays Wednesday night at Paychecks (along with a special performance from Brazilian post-rock group Labirinto), while Passalacqua are giving a unique performance with Downtown Brown at the Magic Stick, this Thursday -which is part of a live music video shoot....with instructions for attendees/extras to bring an empty plastic bottle...