Danny Brown releases sick new single, 'Pneumonia'

Last month, Danny Brown released the single 'When It Rains' for his upcoming album, Atrocity Exhibition, along with ambiguous details about the albums release.

But, last week Brown announced that the album will drop September 30 and to keep us interested, he released the second single 'Pneumonia' that showcases Browns efforts to create a rap record with influences from bands like Joy Division and System of a Down. 

The idea seems too strange to pull off, but in 'Pneumonia' Brown combines absurd lyrics that follow the common themes: drugs, money, and sex, with a steady beat that sounds like it could be placed behind a prison break.

It hits the ears with harsh clean sounds that are true to rap and hip-hop while simultaneously instilling demented and dark feelings brought by the outside influences.

'Pneumonia' is the most appropriate name Brown could have titled this ill song and with plans to feature artists like Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt in this new 15-track album, September 30 can't come soon enough. 

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