Dance fever

Mar 13, 2001 at 12:00 am

Best Place to Go Dancing to Find a New Partner,
Best Place to Go Dancing with a Partner

Clutch Cargo's

It’s Friday night — a week’s worth of hard work is behind you, and you’re ready to unleash your weekend-warrior persona and boogie the night away to an intoxicating beat. Whether you’re looking for a partner in crime, or already have a twinkle-toed cutie in mind, Clutch Cargo’s is the hottest place to go to display your scorching moves, and possibly learn some new ones. Housed in a glorious, revamped church, the massive space is one of the most popular venues for national acts and fevered, dance-club euphoria. Recently, several new bars have tried to capitalize on the mutlilevel, multithemed dance night that’s been the Clutch Cargo’s bread and butter on Saturday nights for years now. With a different sound on every floor, you can brush up on the dance techniques of several different musical genres, including the elaborate glow-stick gesticulations of techno, the rhythmic jerk and sway of hip hop, and the patented right foot-left-bounce-finger snap ’80s shimmy to the tune of your favorite retro beats. Who says the art of partner dancing is dead? (Although the modern version is considerably more intimate than the “make room for the Holy Ghost” stance you learned in Catholic school — witness the gyrating Siamese twin-like couples who populate the main floor.) And if you’re shy, grab a table and takes some notes, or have a drink and work up the courage to ask that special someone for a spin on the floor. Just remember: Friends don’t let friends drink and dance — especially the rhythm-impaired. Play that funky music, white boy.