Mar 10, 1999 at 12:00 am
Signpost up ahead: "Welcome to Tomorrowland. Population three: You, Me and the Music." Check your baggies at the gate. Entering from across the Atlantic, you can see the Krautrock feel of Can, the mechanical loops, two hundred years of industry lost in a whimpering daze. From over the Pacific, liquid ambient meditations unknown, welcome organic intrusions into an everyday world of invasive aural clutter. Ann Arbor duo Tomorrowland has been to the airport and has heard the music and is pleased to report back with an introductory missive from the collective musical mind. Seductive environmental wallpaper at its best, there’s a creeping menace that Tomorrowland just manages to keep at bay throughout these proceedings. While the full entry into Tomorrowland can be had on the duo’s debut full-length on Chicago label Kranky, this short trip provides just the quickie getaway for jet-set weekend warriors.