Dally in the Alley 2012

More highlights from this year's bill

More highlights from this year's bill

Pink Lightning

The sort of band you would expect to see dancing on tables at a Russian wedding, Pink Lightning is Detroit's answer to Gogol Bordello. There really, truly ain't no party like a Pink Lightning party.

Lord Scrummage

If an acid-soaked psychopath were commissioned to write music for a kid's TV show, it would sound like Lord Scrummage. Stick them on a festival stage in the sun and just watch them go.

Clear Soul Forces

These hip-hop hopefuls have been the subject of a recent Red Bull-sponsored Web documentary, and they gave a good account of themselves. How they'll fare on a festival stage remains to be seen, but it should be interesting.


Garage-y, punky, arty brilliance. Gardens are too cool for you and me, so move along.

Oscillating Fan Club

These guys mix Euro pop with post-punk and come up with something that would even confuse David Byrne. It's all good though; the boys know how to bury a melody in the mix so you're lapping it up even if you think you hate it.

Deadbeat Beat

No frills, no nonsense. Just strong-as-fuck pop tunes and simple, catchy riffs. What more do you want?

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