Cookin With Que-C (Mister) // Coleman Youngbloods cassette // Self Says 7")

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...Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, The Fall, Slint and maybe a bit of Mogwai for extra coloring... now that's a spicy stew of startle-jazz freak-groove NewWeird wonder!

But then, that's usually local singer/songwriter Mike Ross' M.O. More punk-warbler/song-sculptor, one not to shy away from, shall we say, abstract forms? Most notably through Red China, but seen/heard in  many other incarnations performing various adventurous deconstructions of a post-rock nature, Ross is backed up by a formidable rhythm section, with bassist Jeff Spatafora (DevilFish) accommodatingly inclined to black metal-mingled drone affairs while drummer Brandon Moss (Bars of Gold) all too ready to play unhinged (and even slap skins with his bare hands should the sticks snap).

Their latest thing is the Coleman Youngbloods...and it just sounds like they're having a Mad Scientist's wild-eyed-flinching frolic of a good time getting into these grimy grooves...

But, "Hey!"... then there's Mister!

Cookin With Que-C

Detroit-area emcee and one-half of buzzed-up post-funk rap combo Passalacqua, Mister (a.k.a. Bryan Lackner) finally gets to show you more of his "own thing" this week - unveiling a long-lingering album distinguished by it's across-the-pond collaboration (with U.K.-based rapper/producer Que C). (Man, this collabo- got synced up back when Myspace was still relevant, just for perspective).

But Oct 2nd, it's out (preview here).

From opener "How We Get Down" onward,  it's clear this joint's distinct from the above-referenced project; swaggering his signature blend of a bluesy-growl sewn in sinewy swift enunciation, almost as though the dude's own lips might not keep up with the verbose spill of spitty-syllables until he drawls out one or two rubbery-hooked-raps in his bassy baritone; those swaying soul-brass hooks and spacey-electro bass growls augment the tasteful/fitful shower of nervy scratches and strutting beat.

From one shore to the other, Detroit, Michigan's Mister swapping raps and bandying buoyant beats with Wigan, Manchester's Que-C... There's poppy/fiery party-starters ("All We Need") to pensive, smooth-grooving, funk-bending night-drivers ("I Don't Believe It") and charming, keyed-up heart-on-the-sleeve/humorous hooky anthems "Need That Food"

Check out Mister's channel HERE and get a preview of the whole affair. This is just the 2nd (he dropped Just So You Know about six months ago) of a string of releases for Lackner -specifically under the Mister moniker. Stay tuned...

(Not that the guy ain't busy enough already... what with fusing Passalacqua, with Cold Men Young's Blacksmith, into a full-live-band affair with PsyWhyPunk-dabblers The Ashleys in time for their Halloween performance at Theatre Bizarre).


~Need more Rap?

SelfSays has a new video-game-dashing 7" out this week on iNsect Records~ Check it out...

Self ~(a.k.a. Detroit-area emcee Charles Vann) drops a pair of darker, spaced-out grooves, not too heavily-hearted on the pensive social commentary as he's keen to rail his raps against various time-wasters and re-focus his pen-clutched efforts towards the future (...namely, a 12" debut for U.K. based label Earnest Endeavors...)

Limited copies available ~ “Not Another Video Game Song” features  Open Mike Eagle (with production from Detroit-based weird-pop-art-rap wizard Doc Illingsworth. ~Doc then comes back for Side 2: “They Shootin," which was produced by by Raj Mahal)...and then Self squeezes in a short-yet-striking instrumental, his own production-work showcased, via: “One For My Cuz”.

More info via Fat Beats. 


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