Contact high

Solid Gold Hits trims the fat from the Beastie Boys’ 1999 retrospective Sounds of Science and updates the hit list to include material from 2004’s To the 5 Boroughs. The result is entertaining — anything including “Shake Your Rump,” “Pass the Mic” and “Sure Shot” would have to be. But Solid Gold is such an obvious stocking filler, it might as well come dipped in eggnog. It’s gutless too. The Beasties could’ve filled two full discs with classic jams and still had tracks left over. Plus, beyond a separate bonus DVD edition, Solid Gold’s enticing extras are seriously lacking. Even its artwork is recycled, resembling the cropped press photos you see in cutout bins and taped onto homemade dubs. Which is what Solid Gold Hits ultimately suggests. If all you wanted was a quick Beastie Boys mix tape, you could’ve gotten the local stoner to make it, and requested “Egg Man” and “Funky Boss” to boot. (Neither track appears here.) That’s why Solid Gold Hits is a branded Beastie Boys contact high, suited only for rookies, younger brothers or anyone wishing their memory of the trio were more selective.

Johnny Loftus writes about music for Metro Times. Send comments to [email protected].

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