Concert review: 'Mics @Maccabees'

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WHO: "Mics @ Maccabees” showcase
WHERE: Maccabees at Midtown, Detroit
WHEN: Friday, May 29, 2015

With all the new hip-hop acts coming out of Detroit, it can be hard to keep up, let alone find out when and where these new artists perform. Maccabees, is a bar and restaurant in midtown, held the first ever “Mics @ Maccabees” showcase, run by Detroit rapper and producer Mike Fate. The performances followed an open mic, which included poetry, rapping, singing and even some dancing.

"This is my first time ever actually running a show or concert myself, but I’ve been performing for a while," the 20-year-old rapper and producer said. “My goal is to actually throw a much bigger show at St. Andrews later this summer, but I need to run a few smaller shows first to see if I can pull it off." 

“This is our first show like this here, but we will probably do three or four more here throughout the summer,” he said. Mike Fate scheduled the artists on the ticket himself, choosing acts that he considers, “reliable and talented.”

Among the artists who performed were Detroit’s own Young Zu, Uzi Gunnz, The Captain, Lex Wolf and more up and coming artists who are all friends of Mike Fate. “I’m open to the idea of working with any artists, DJ’s, producers or whoever reaches out to me,” he said. “I feel like [Detroit artists] would be better if we tried doing stuff together from time to time.”
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