Cold English - Album Release Show - Friday in Ferndale

Sep 4, 2013 at 6:48 am

Cold English

Self Release


Blending (and balancing) funk, R&B, soul and hip-hop, Cold English sound cool, confident and unabashedly enthusiastic as they run a ambitious gamut of genres on their new record. The local quintet make that easygoing verve, waved atop warm guitars, stirring keys and shimmied rhythms, pretty infectious – with each jam rollicking along, flexed with the muscle of rock but calm and focused with the rhythm of soul, built up to an untroubled, collected resolve by some strong-willed, steadily cadenced hip-hop bars.

This ain’t simply rap-rock, demonstrated enough by their slow-dancing R&B ballad (“Choose You,”) charmed with chimes and seafoam-surf-frothed guitar riffs. They’re distinguished by an overarching vibe of positivity, promoting community and dispelling any dwelling on negativity, strutting forth to “get the job done,” with battle-cry raps that go against the boastful stereotype of most Emcees: “(I) Could give a fuck about a Dollar

I’m tryna make change!”

Cold English Band's album release show is Friday, Sept 6 at the Magic Bag in Ferndale (22920 Woodward Ave) with Lola Valley, Pato Motown Band, and Charlie Beans - Doors open at 8pm - $8 - - [email protected]